The Simtable in community - Case Studies

How has the Simtable been used?

The Simtable has been a fantastic tool utilised in community engagement sessions in the local government areas of Port Macquarie Hastings, Kempsey, Nambucca, Bellingen, Coffs Harbour and the Clarence Valley. It's used to build resilience and preparedness for extreme weather events.

The workshops have had amazing attendance levels and nearly 1500 attendees gained deep understanding of their risks, developed tailored and detailed response plans, as well as strengthened community connections.

Table of workshop locations and attendees.(PDF, 102KB)

It's been a busy roadshow and we've visited lots of towns. To learn more about the Simtable in action in the communities check out these example Case Studies:


Facilitating Community Engagement and Sparking Crucial Conversations

Beyond its technical capabilities, the Simtable has emerged as a powerful community engagement tool. Its fostered open discussions and empowered residents to take an active role in bushfire preparedness. The tool's interactive nature and visual representations of bushfire behaviour have proven highly effective in stimulating conversations and raising awareness among community members.

The Simtable's ability to model bushfire scenarios tailored specifically to where they live provides a common platform for open conversation and shared understanding among residents. Actually seeing the potential impacts of bushfires on their local environment, sparks discussions about risk mitigation strategies, evacuation plans, and collective preparedness measures.

Combat agencies have found the Simtable a useful tool in empowering residents to take ownership of their bushfire preparedness. It provides them with a hands-on understanding of bushfire dynamics. Through interactive workshops and community forums, residents gained insights into their local bushfire risks, met with the local RFS Volunteers and were encouraged to develop personalised preparedness plans.

The program has been a catalyst for collaboration and collective community action. By providing a common visual element for discussing bushfire preparedness, it facilitates information sharing, resource pooling, and coordinated action among residents, emergency services, and local organisations.

The Simtable's ability to engage and educate residents has played a significant role in fostering a culture of bushfire preparedness across the Mid North Coast. By raising awareness of bushfire risks and empowering residents to take action, Simtable has contributed to a more resilient and prepared community.

The Simtable's impact extends beyond its technical capabilities, serving as a powerful community engagement tool that sparks crucial conversations, empowers residents, and promotes collective action.

Project Contributors

Lead - Project Officer (Simtable) – Linda Villy