Community Land Trust


In response to a pressing need for an innovative solution to the mounting need for affordable housing, the MNCJO initiated the project to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a Community Land Trust, or CLT, for the Mid-North Coast

A CLT is a not-for-profit entity that provides housing, typically through co-ownership or a 99-year lease model, delivering affordability to participating households by taking land out of the market and holding it in perpetuity through a non-profit entity, thereby removing speculative upward price pressures on the land component. 

The focus of a CLT is delivering more affordable housing to local households unable to access home ownership or suitable rental accommodation because of limited availability of affordable housing.

The Mid North Coast Joint Organisation's CLT Proof of Concept is a ground breaking and innovative piece of work, produced by consultants Urbanista with the support of a dedicated project team, including the Housing Matters Action Group and subject experts from each member council.

The MNCJO is proud to have taken the first step to realising affordable housing options for the Mid North Coast, but even better is the fact it now has the opportunity for realisation. The Housing Matters Action Group, who advocated for this project, have announced they received funds from the Siddle Family Foundation to fund the Bellingen Shire Community Land Trust Establishment Project.