Simtable for Community Empowerment Project


Simtable for Community Empowerment

The Simtables for Community Empowerment project will provide a state-of-the-art tool to engage communities in localised disaster risk reduction workshops in partnership with our local Council officers.

The Simtable was purchased with grant funds from the NSW Government’s Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund (BCRRF) for the local government areas that were disaster declared in the 2019-20 Black Summer bushfires.

The project aims to improve the capacity of communities across the Mid North Coast to plan and respond to disasters, particularly our vulnerable populations.

What are Simtables?

Simtables are sophisticated digital sand tables that display high quality models of natural hazards such as bushfires and floods.

The technology uses a projector to overlay hazard projections over local mapping and terrain in 3D. The system models fire behaviour based on geophysical and meteorological conditions to demonstrate how fire might move through the landscape, and what impact it may have on the built environment.

It provides local communities with a highly realistic demonstration of how their properties and communities may be affected.

How will the Simtable be used?

The Simtable will be available for use in place -based community engagement sessions across the Mid North Coast to build resilience and preparedness for extreme weather events. Workshops will provide attendees with a deep understanding of their risks, strengthen community connections and enable the development of tailored and detailed response plans.

To find out more information or to find out how you can get involved, contact  Linda Villy - Project Officer (Simtable) on 0498 172 892  or at