Towards Net Zero Update


The early phase of the Net Zero Acceleration Program commenced with extensive consultation with MNCJO member councils to establish each council’s progress and priorities. A set of projects are scheduled to be completed over the 12 months of the program which will assist councils in reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

A timeframe for the implementation of the scheduled projects has been set and preliminary work is being done to implement these measures. This includes the creation of a Regional Energy Strategy which will guide energy usage and energy efficiency measures across the Mid North Coast region.

The Net Zero Acceleration Officer has presented to the JO Board outlining the plans for the 12 months of the program. Regular updates on the progress of the program will be provided to the JO Board, General Managers meetings and to member council briefings as requested. Fortnightly Project Control Group meetings are being held to maintain an ongoing dialogue with representatives from each of the member councils as well as State Government stakeholders from the Office of Energy and Climate Change. These meetings also provide a platform for council representatives to share resources and information.

If you would like more information on the Net Zero Acceleration program contact the Project Officer Noam Bardea or 0476875673